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I live in Greece & make up to $8,000 a month!


I'm now making $20,000 to $30,000 a month - thanks to Inbox Blueprint!


I have an Email list of 44,000 now and over 100,000 Facebook Followers!


You Have To Take Action! This Knowledge I Learned From Anik Is So Valuable!

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1. Full Video Based Training - 8-Module Video Course
(Value $2,997).

Get UNLIMITED access to our easy to follow, step-by-step training. It’s as easy as copy & pasting our instructions. This course is specifically designed for beginners! You don’t have to worry at all about TECHNOLOGY or anything confusing - we’ll help launch your business FAST.

2. Assignment Based Training - Take It One Step At A Time!
(Value $997).

We’ve made it so you can take it all one day at a time. Just complete all the assignments, and within a matter of a few days, your business will be up and running (if you take action and complete each action step!)

3. Live Examples - See Our Businesses (Value $2,997).

We’re big believers in doing what we’re teaching! So throughout the training, we will show you OUR OWN businesses. Heck, we’ll even build a business from scratch with you!


1. Build Unlimited Businesses - All the Click-Click Technology You Need (Value $1,997).

With LaunchPad you can build, update and maintain your opt-in pages, all in the same place. And of course, we know that being able to analyze your data is key to running a successful online business. So you can even track the entire business - from clicks to sales - the LaunchPad is all you’ll need!

2. Over 30+ Niches Fully Automated - Growing To 50... (Value $1,997).

Weight Loss, Personal Development, Internet Marketing, and so many more. We have all of the TOP niches for you to choose from. And if you don’t know which category is best for you, no problem - we can help you make the right choice.

3. 4,000+ Opt-In Page Options - All Ready To Go
(Value $697).

With over 4,000 possible opt-in page combinations from our HUGE library, you’ll never run out of choices for your TOTALLY UNIQUE business creation. Plus, we’re constantly adding new templates for you. Unlimited access to these resources means you’ll never have to spend time designing or writing your opt-in pages from scratch - you’ll never need to hire a designer!

4. 17,500+ Pieces of Content For PDF & Emails - DONE! (Value $2,997).

With LaunchPad, you don’t even have to write your own emails, or create your own Free PDF gifts (to get subscribers)  - it’s already DONE for you! If you join Email Startup Incubator today, you’ll gain LIFETIME ACCESS to all 17,500+ American-authored articles. Each one is fully brandable and customizable for your business. Just pick what you like and plug it in DIRECTLY for your own use.

5. FULL Integration with Sendlane - Take Your Business LIVE (Value $497).

Because LaunchPad is fully integrated with Sendlane, you get to do so much more than just build your business. You also get to take it LIVE, using the #1 Email Marketing System for Digital Publishers. Manage your entire email operation with our easy-to-use platform that gives you TOTAL control of your business.

BONUS #1: 7-Figure Niches - Niche Detective
(Value $797).

  • Hand-picked & researched analyses on the Top 30 Niches...
  • Full reports that have ALL the information you need in one place...

BONUS #2: My Personal Email Templates Library +
List Academy (Value $1,997).

  • The ONLY 3 templates of emails you’ll ever need!
  • Learn exactly how I promote low, medium & high-ticket affiliate products to create 6-figure months...
  • Master the simple rules I use to write engaging emails...

BONUS #3: First Day Traffic League - 6 Week Fast Start Program + Traffic Academy (Value $2,997).

  • First 100 subscribers case study & over-the-shoulder workshops...
  • Become an expert on both free & paid online traffic...

BONUS #4: DAILY Open Office Hours - Get Help Every Day!
(Value $3,997).

  • FREE DAILY COACHING - This is the only program in the ENTIRE World that offers you daily access - directly to a coach (Monday Through Friday).
  • Get on LIVE & have a coach review your entire business and answer all your questions - almost as if it’s one on one!
  • UNLIMITED - There are No Limits, get as much help as you want or need!

Total Value: OVER $25,764

Yours all for JUST 1 Payment of $1,497

Customer Reviews

  • dana

    "Now I will be able to quit my 9 - 5 job by the end of the month"

    Dana Ray

  • jack

    "Anik takes you by the hand, and tells you, SHOWS you step by step, exactly what you need to do to be a successful internet marketer"

    Jack Cardoza

  • nico

    "For the last few months, I made about $3,000 a month, but this month was my breakthrough. This month I made about $10,000. Thank You Anik!"

    Nico Le

  • Anders

    "Right now I'm at $150 - $250 average per day... And I work a lot less hours!"

    Anders Sinding

  • Betty

    "Inbox Blueprint is making it possible to give mum the care that I want to give without having to take time away from a job. I can do everything on my time!"

    Betty Fellows

  • Gina

    "Inbox Blueprint makes it so easy. They give you with materials, videos, swipe files... everything you might possibly need!"

    Gina Fedon

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