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#1The #1 Copywriting Training System Ever Created: 15 Years In The Making & Resulting in Over $120 Million In Sales!

  • FULL Video Based Training – Step By Step – Master Internet Marketing From The CORE!  (Value $1,997)
  • Case Studies & LIVE Examples – Watch The Entire System Being Implemented. Dissect The Highest-Converting Copywriting!  (Value $497)
  • Copywriting Legend Access – Interviews with the Greatest Minds in Copywriting – Consistently Grow Your Expertise!  (Value $397)

(System Value: $2,891)

#2Community of Interactive Marketing Specialists: Get Constant Feedback, Brainstorming & Guidance!

  • 24/7 Feedback & Help – You’ll Have The Ability To Get Access To Our Top Students and Coaches, Get Constant Help - Life-time Membership!
    (Value $997)
  • World-Wide Access To Top Copywriters – We’re Bringing Together Experts From ALL Over The World. No Matter What Time Zone!
    (Value $497)
  • Networking & Masterminding Power – Create Your Own Power Groups to Mastermind, Network & Work Together With! (Value $397)

(Community Value: $1,891)

#3Industry-Recognized Certification: Be A Founding Member of Interactive Marketing – Get Instant Credibility!

  • Test Your Skills & Find Your Strengths – Know Exactly Where To Focus Your Energies & How To Truly Master Your Copywriting Skills!  (Value $497)
  • Get Hired To Create Instant Income – Build an Entire New Business By Helping Others Sell Their Product Using This New 5-Step Formula!
    (Value $1,997)
  • Become Pioneer Leader in Interactive Marketing – Instant Recognition World-Wide as a Pioneer In a New Form of Marketing!  (Value $497)

(Certification Value: $2,991)


BONUS #1 My $15 Million Action Pages (Value: $497)

  • The 50+ Blueprint  – How To Create Opt-in Pages That Consistently Convert at Over 50% - In Any Niche!
  • Webinar Registration Pages – How I Create Killer Registration Pages To Get High Show Rates & Qualified Audiences!
  • Templates & Example Pages – Full Rights To Copy
    My Best Converting Pages – Take & Use as Models For
    Yourself and Your Clients!

BONUS #2 Email Mastery (Value: $397)

  • My Secret Email Formula  – Learn The Exact Formula I Use To Send Over 21 Million Emails a MONTH...
  • Secrets To Selling High-Ticket Products with Email  – The Secrets I Use To Create Over $1 Million a Month In High-Ticket Sales Using Emails...
  • How To Build a Masterful Relationship with Your List – FULL Video Course on How I Build a Strong “Tribe-Like” Relationship with My Email List!

BONUS #3 Webinar Jedi (Value: $797)

  • How I Sell Over $15 Million a Year – The #1 Copywriting Skill I Have is Using Webinars – I'll Teach You How To Create Masterful Webinars!
  • The Simple Formula To Copy & Paste – The Exact 5 Step Formula & How It Applies To The Biggest Movement in Marketing: Webinars.
  • 10 Webinar Mastery Skills No One Talks About – 10 Tips That I’ve Learned After Having Had Over 100,000 Webinar Attendees!

BONUS #4 Copywriting Hall of Fame (Value: $1,497)

  • Watch Me Dissect The Top Converting Copy – Watch & Learn How To Create Your Own Copywriting Swipe Files By Dissecting The Industry’s Top Converting Copy!
  • Directory of WSL, VSL, Webinars & Emails – We Continuously Add More & More Top-Converting Copy To This Directory – Head-Start For You!
  • Kick-Start To Build Your Own Swipe File – Every Great Copywriter Has a Swipe File – We’ll Kick-Start Yours FOR You!

BONUS #5 Copy Masters Alliance – 1 Year Complimentary Membership (Value: $1,997)

  • Mentorship with Anik Singal Directly
    Every 2 Weeks, Get on a LIVE Copywriting Training
    with Anik Singal. Watch, Lurn, Ask Questions!
  • 24/7 Facebook Group Access (After Certification) – Join a Group of Lurn’s Top Students, Top Coaches & Anik Singal on LIVE Copy Conversation!
  • Full Updates To Course & Webinar Bootcamps – Any Updates Made to Courses, Trainings, Swipe Files – You Get Them ALL For Free!

Total Value: OVER $12,958

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